Bandpicked: Oscar picks his top 10 dinner party guests

3 April, 2016 — by Bandpicked0

On this week’s Bandpicked, North London based pop singer and producer Oscar picks his 10 perfect dinner party guests.

oscar with dog

Oscar Scheller comes from a fascinating musical heritage, his parents were in the the new wave punk band The Regents and his father went on to produce early Acid House records. This is reflected in Oscar’s own genre-bending approach to pop music.

On his debut album, the aptly named Cut and Paste released in May 2016 on Wichita Recordings, there are a huge number of influences and styles ranging from bashment rhythms, to dub basslines via mid-90s hip hop. All of which is held together by Oscar’s incredible baritone vocal and his keen ear for a melody.

Oscar is currently on a European tour, and you can catch him in London on Tuesday 4th October, as well as the following dates…

Tue 04 Oct 2016 The Dome, Tufnell Park, London
Thu 06 Oct 2016 Badaboum, Paris
Fri 07 Oct 2016 Botanique, Brussels
Sat 08 Oct 2016 Merleyn, Nijmegen
Sun 09 Oct 2016 Bitterzoet, Amsterdam

In the meantime, let’s sit down, fold a napkin over our laps, keep our elbows off the table and discuss who Oscar would like to entertain during his own perfect dinner party.

Big L

I think he’d have a lot to say about the world and would have a dark but funny sense of humour. He’d also have some pretty good stories about his city before it got cleaned up, which I’d listen to intently. I’d ask him where his favourite spots in NYC were. We could talk about our favourite rappers and producers and he could tell me what really happened the night he was murdered.

Vivienne Westwood

I think she’s a character that is needed at any evening, especially a dinner party. She would tell me about punk in it’s heyday. We’d talk about pirates, hemlines and Japanese cartoons, and then I’d show her my sock collection (which is pretty impressive). She’d ask for a vegan option and I would oblige her.

vivienne westwood

Andy Warhol

It’s a contradictory choice as he wasn’t publicly a man of many words, but the words he would say would have a cultural and almost revolutionary weight to them. I think at a dinner party he’d hold his own too, as long as Tomato Soup was on the menu somewhere ;) He wouldn’t eat, just stare at the food. I wouldn’t ask him much, just having him there is enough but I would get a Polaroid with him (obvs)

Andy Warhol, artist, portrait, himself, white background

Jean Luc Godard

A fellow romantic and a true visionary. Jean Luc Godard (Le Mepris, Masculin Feminin) would probably bring a 16mm camera and make surreal but witty vignettes of the evening’s moments. He’d also probably bring a decent bottle of red and beautiful muse along too. They’d both smoke a lot and bring a certain enigma to th dinner. Also, I just love the French! He’d ask for seconds.

jean luc godard

Malcolm Gladwell

An absolute no brainer. Endlessly fascinating conversations are guaranteed with Malcolm. He’d bring the rock n roll anecdotal thing to a whole new level. I’d pick his brain about all the current topics and get his stance on it. I wouldn’t be mad if he brought a copy of his latest book along and insisted on reading segments out. In fact, I’d welcome it! He’d talk so much the food would hardly be touched on his plate.

malcolm gladwell

Carl Jung

Hopefully not too much on the serious side, this guest would definitely drink the most. He’d definitely find Warhol the most interesting creature and would no doubt analyse him throughout the meal. I think he’d pass out on the table and then wake from a profound dream and insist on telling everybody what it meant. He’d carefully arrange his vegetables on his plate to signify the ancient Chinese symbol of fluidity

carl jung

Marcel Duchamp

I think he’d be the funniest and most amusing guest of the dinner. Throwing out one liners that would change the game. He’d collect all the candles and crockery to use as readymades even when I tell them they’re all worthless. Him and Jung would arm wrestle but he’d lose because Jung secretly works out. After that he’d drink too much and turn his plate upside and call it ‘art’



An intelligent, politically-engaged presence that would bring a lot to the dinner. Not only can she enter debate but she’s SO MUCH FUN! She’d snapchat the whole thing and probably end up doing a Polaroid with Warhol at the end of the table (he never goes anywhere without it). She’d also really get on with Gladwell and probably discuss gender politics until the early hours. And she’d bring a fucking good dessert (she’s a fellow sweet tooth). She’d only eat dessert.


Oscar Wilde

Why would you have a dinner party and not invite Oscar Wilde is really the question we should all ask ourselves. I reckon he’d be pretty amazing company. He’d drink too much absinthe and start writing a short story based on the main course. His outfit would be amazing too. Probably a next level suit with a fur trim. Something louche. He’d have some good dirty jokes. I’d tell him I was named after him and he’d say “Poor you.”

oscar wilde


She’d turn up, looking a million dollars with a big blunt in her mouth, two hours late. You wouldn’t care, you’d only be happy she came at all. She’d give a good vibe, be deep in convo and have a good appetite..drink a lot of the Prossecco. I think her and Vivienne would get on well and talk about style and culture. We’d get a few selfies, discuss future collabs and then she’d leave to fly and sing over some toplines. I’d give her dessert in a take away tupperware box.

Rihanna work work work video

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Bandpicked: Oscar picks his top 10 dinner party guests
Bandpicked: Oscar picks his top 10 dinner party guests
On this week's Bandpicked, North London based genre-hopping pop singer and producer Oscar picks his 10 perfect dinner party guests.
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