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Bandpicked: Tonstartssbandht pick the 10 best cows

24 March, 2017 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

To all of those who say we’ve reached #PeakContent, I say we haven’t even made it 3 feet above sea-level yet. Here’s a list of the 10 best cows, picked by Tonstartssbandht.


Brothers Andy and Edwin White, the Florida/New York duo known as Tonstartssbandht (tahn-starts-bandit), release their new album Sorcerer today, their first since 2011’s Now I Am Become. It’s a heady cocktail of exploratory blues-rock, harmonised vocals and twisting melodies, charting a complex course across three epic tracks.

It’s the perfect midnight album.

Listen to a  12 minute taste of it here:

For this week’s Bandpicked, we asked Tonstartssbandht for a list of their favourite stuff. Maybe something that inspired them; maybe something they’re passionate about that they’d like to share with their fans. Edwin White gave us his 10 favourite cows. And to be honest, that’s way better than all that other ‘inspirational and passionate’ crap.

So here we go, Edwin White’s 10 very favourite cows. Don’t try to understand them,
Just rope and throw and brand them.

1) Chillingham

Read the name. Doin’ east England proud.

chillingham cow

chillingham cow

2) Ankole-Watusi

You must google this pooch, every image is beautiful. Can’t believe you exist. Thank you.

Ankole Watusi

Ankole Watusi 02

3) Umnak Island Cattle

Meet the cows living that island lifestyle… in Alaska. The Aleutian Islands are a great place to be a cow. The world is a pretty fucking unbelievable place.

Umnak Island Cattle

4) Corsican Cattle

The preferred breed of His Imperial and Royal Majesty Napoleon I, By the Grace of God and the Constitutions of the Empire, Emperor of the French, King of Italy, Mediator of the Swiss Confederation, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, Co-Prince of Andorra!

Corsican Cattle

5) Florida Cracker

Cow version of myself. Conquistadors brought them when they invaded in the 1500s.

Florida Cracker

6) Javan Banteng

Some of the coolest “cows” of all time are from Indonesia. Bantengs – I think – may be my all time faves (right now).

Javan Banteng

Javan Banteng 02

7) Nelore/Ongole

This Bos Indicus is crazy cool, and comes from Andhra region of India. Some got sent to Brazil and become “Nelore”!

Nelore Ongole


8) Hungarian Steppe

Magyar favorites. Biggens!

hungarian Steppe

9) Tudanca

These ones are old school, and they live in the mountains of northern Spain.



10) Kuri Cattle

If you’ve ever been to Lake Chad you no doubt saw these things milling about. They like to swim, which is nuts but also inspiring.

Kuri Cattle

Kuri Cattle


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