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Bandpicked: The Physics House Band pick their top 10 YouTube rabbit holes

27 April, 2017 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

In this week’s Bandpicked, experimental instrumentalists The Physics House Band are here to fuck your shit up good and proper with the weirdest videos they’ve ever found while falling down a YouTube rabbit hole. Including Extreme Japanese Apologising, Garfield inspired shampoo bukkake and 6 gallons of buttermilk pancake mix for the apocalypse.

physics house band

The Physics House Band consist of Sam Organ (guitar/keys), Adam Hutchison (bass/keys) and Dave Morgan (drums) and their new mini-album ‘Mercury Fountain’ is out Friday 21st. It’s a belter – full of mind-altering creativity, taking in everything from prog, to psych, to jazz, to metal, but all played with formidable precision. I can’t describe it better than Stewart Lee, so I’ll steal his quote: “a super-dense sci-fi mindfuck of a thing.” 

Check out ‘Calypso’ below and from this day forth, eye all other music with suspicion…

Naturally their choice for this edition of Bandpicked is just as boundary stretching. We talked to bassist/keyboardist Adam Hutchinson, who revealed his very favourite ‘rare treasures’ he’s found while digging around the weirder nether-regions of YouTube. Be prepared that Tim and Eric are the most mainstream thing in this list.

The Funky Forest

Despite how bizarre and potentially nauseating this clip may be for some people, the full film is actually absolutely beautiful. I spent an afternoon convincing a friend to watch it with me, and what resulted was a delightful ride through some of the best weirdness Japan has to offer. I’m currently trying to track down one of the directors to find a copy of his undistributed follow up: ‘The Warped Forest’.


I stumbled across this guy’s channel on a late night YouTube binge after my cousin’s wedding. The first video I found was a spoof one-hour dissertation on a three frame Garfield comic strip, and from there I delved into the other videos on offer. This is my current favourite…

Extreme Japanese Apologising

More Japanese weirdness. I think the music/description combo in this is fantastic. We’ve all been in this position at some point in our lives – I think we could learn something from this.

Jim Bakker’s Buckets

This guy is every awful thing that a televangelist could be, even without the sex scandals and accounting fraud that landed him in prison. Those buckets of cheesy broccoli do look delicious though.

Tim And Eric’s Sister Star

This is truly magical. A guide to the universe from Tim and Eric. The fact that these guys have been able to commodify being intensely strange brings me so much happiness. I’d definitely recommend going down a YouTube hole with their material. ‘Reverend Paynus’ is another big hitter.

Lord Of The Psychotic Shrimp

This was one of my first introductions into the world of YTP (YouTube Poop). It’s not scatological, as the name may suggest, but in fact is “a type of video mashup, created by editing preexisting media sources for humorous, confusing or shocking purposes and often containing mature content.” Thanks Wikipedia. It takes a few watches to get past being intensely overstimulating/near aggression, but I think you’ll ultimately come out feeling deeply inspired. For two days.

The Proper Way To End Your Film

No words. This should just be an addendum to every commercially released film.


This is part of the ‘SimpsonsWave’ genre/movement, whereby people mashup Simpsons footage with psychedelic imagery and music – generally Vapourwave or 80s sounding electronica. This and DEAD BART ft. Vektroid are two favourites of mine. Both put together by Lucien Hughes.

Scat Autotune

Some vintage Eric Andre show. I think this was from the first series, when everything still looked like a ‘made at home’ budget cable access show. Either way, combining scat with autotune is a musical offering that should be better embraced by the mainstream. Bird up.

Chinless Dancer

‘Memory Hole.’ Says everything really.

Catch The Physics House Band on tour throughout Europe on the following dates:
22nd – OOTC Festival (LUX)
5th – Colossal Festival (DK)
7th – Darwen, Sunbird Records (UK)
8th – Glasgow, The Hug and Pint (UK)
9th – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club (UK)
10th – Bristol, The Fleece (UK)
11th Brighton, The Haunt (UK)
12th London, Kamio (UK)
15th Berlin – Schokoladen (DE)
17th Brno – BajKazyl (CZ)
18th Prague – Underdogs Ballroom (CZ)
20th Bratislava – A4 (SK)
24th Torino – Officine Ferroviarie (IT)
25th Piacenza – DannySays (IT)
26th Montova – Arci Tom (IT)
19th – Arctangent Festival (UK)

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