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Six best new songs of the week (31st March): Kendrick Lamar, Broken Social Scene, Future Islands

31 March, 2017 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

Our regular round-up of of best new songs of the week includes some of very favourite artists of all time – Kendrick Lamar, Broken Social Scene, Future Islands – as well as some new obsessions: Skating Polly, Mura Masa and Syd.

Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.

Based on Kendrick Lamar’s behaviour over the last couple of weeks – surprise releasing a new single every Friday, Lamar probably has a new album out next Friday 7th April. Or he’ll just release another single. Or he’ll announce a half-day and we can all leave work early. Hmmm… half-day or new Kendrick Lamar album? That’s a tough one. I do need to sort out the garage.

Broken Social Scene – Halfway Home

The Canadian collective with more band-members than they really know what to do with are back with their first new song in seven years. It’s a typically joyous racket. As you’d expect from 28 people in a room who know just the right notes to make you feel fucking euphoric.

Skating Polly – Hail Mary

Washington-based Skating Polly have announced a new EP, New Trick due out on April 28th. The EP was co-written by Veruca Salt’s Louise Post & Nina Gordon and here’s the excellent, slow-burning first taster ‘Hail Mary’.

Mura Masa & Charli XCX – 1 Night

UK producer Mura Masa’s debut album To Fall Out of Love To is “just about ready for release” but in the meantime here’s the gorgeous single ‘1 Night’. SO QUIT HASSLING HIM ALRIGHT GODDAMN IT

Future Islands – Cave

Future Islands’ new album The Far Field is due out on 7th April. It can’t come soon enough. I don’t want to wish all our lives away, but you know… it is Future Islands, and what are you *really* going to achieve over the next seven days?

Syd – Treading Water

Syd follows up her outstanding debut album Fin, with a track that, despite being her “favourite” was cut before release. Why was it cut? Apparently the subplot involving trade negotiations between the Federation and the civil war entrenched outer-rim planets was confusing and added nothing to the main narrative.

That’s it for this week and indeed for March. Here’s a Spotify playlist featuring all the best songs of the month:

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