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Nine best songs of the week (21st April): Waxahatchee, Paramore, Skating Polly

21 April, 2017 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

Our regular round-up of the best new songs of the week includes, Waxahatchee, Kendrick Lamar, Cuz Lightyear, Memoryy, Skating Polly, Paramore, Ghostpoet, Mozart’s Sister and George Maple.

Waxahatchee – Silver

Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, has announced a new album Out in the Storm due out July 14th. Here’s the dreamy, low-budget video for ‘Silver’. Sure it’s no ‘Touch the Sky’ by Kanye West, but maybe all the Evel Knievel costumes had already been rented.

Skating Polly – Louder In Outer Space

‘Louder in Outer Space’ is the opening track from the Washington based group’s new EP ‘New Trick’ due out April 28th. And holy mother of all that’s wonderful in the world, if it doesn’t contain the most uplifting chorus committed to record so far this year.

Paramore – Hard Times

When Paramore discovered straight-up 80s pop, Paramore became fucking excellent. Their new single ‘Hard Times’ continues that trend. All is well.

Kendrick Lamar – DNA.

DID YOU KNOW…. Kendrick Lamar released his new album DAMN. last week? Course you did. You’re a human being on the internet. To celebrate the occasion, Lamar has shared a music video for ‘DNA.’ starring actor Don Cheadle lip-synching along to the track. Because celebrities lip-synching to songs is still a thing that hasn’t stopped being a thing yet.

Cuz Lightyear – Pots N Pans (ft. Killer Mike)

Rapper CUZ Lightyear has been described by tourmate and expert jewel-runner Killer Mike as “the now and the future of ATL.” I can only imagine this refers to the ‘Association of Teachers and Lecturers’, and if that’s the case, the UK-based education trade union had better prepare itself for a lot of cussing in the near future.

Memoryy – Not Over You

Electo-pop producer Memoryy (pronounced Memoryy) released his super-swell new album Skeletons last week and here’s its final single ‘Not Over You’. That seems very fatalistic. Perhaps he knows something about the current situation in Russia that we don’t. Oh wait, that’s Moby.

Ghostpoet – Immigrant Boogie

‘Immigrant Boogie’ is the first new material from Ghostpoet since his Mercury-nominated Shedding Skin, released in 2015. It’s good – like Joy Division mixed with Saul Williams good.

Mozart’s Sister – Bump

‘Bump’ is a completely bonkers, yet captivating track taken from Mozart’s Sister’s new album Field of Love. The video doesn’t disappoint. Unless you expected animated sofa cushions with arms and legs dancing in a frenzy – then “yawn” I suppose.

George Maple – Kryptonite

Here’s the video for George Maple’s slick as heck new single ‘Kryptonite’, shot in Kiev by acclaimed director Lisa Paclet. It’s far too slick for us. Where’s the animated sofa cushions with arms and legs dancing in a frenzy?

And here’s a continually updated Spotify playlist featuring all the best new tunes in April 2017…

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