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Nine best new songs of the week (22nd March): The Physics House Band, Perfume Genius, Soulwax

22 March, 2017 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

the physics house band

This week’s collection of best new songs include The Physics House Band, No Vacation, Soulwax, Perfume Genius, Feist, Shaefri, Tommy Genesis, Pond and H.Grimace.

The Physics House Band – Calypso

Stewart Lee is a very funny comedian. I love him. You probably do too, you seem very discerning. Stewart Lee also has the most wilfully obtuse music taste (Chimney Factory are, and always have been, an unlistenable joke), so just because he recommends a band, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be an easy listen.

HOWEVER… The Physics House Band are something very special indeed. And as Stewart Lee says in the blurb that he wrote for the Brighton trio, “It’s a two black Americano experience that makes me wish I still had pin-sharp hearing to lose.”

Fuck yeah.

Perfume Genius – Slip Away

Perfume Genius returns with a new album, No Shape, on May 5th. ‘Slip Away’ is just as glorious and majestic as you’d expect from the man who can do absolutely nothing that isn’t glorious or majestic. Even the washing up.

Soulwax – Conditions of a Shared Belief

Soulwax have a new album out this month. Unbelievably it’s their first in 10 years, which seems crazy as the Dewaele Brothers rarely take a break from their various musical escapades. The forthcoming 12 track album, From Deewee, was recorded in just 48 hours. Impressive when you consider it took Brian Wilson that long to pick which colour tambourine sounded the best on Pet Sounds.

Feist – Pleasure

Feist makes a welcome return with her first single in six years, ‘Pleasure’. Which is also the title track of her forthcoming album due out April 28th. It takes a good minute to get going, which is fine but imagine what Soulwax could have done with that minute. They definitely would have nailed their tambourine choice.

No Vacation – Mind Fields

Barely a week goes by where I don’t recommend something from a West Coast dream-pop band – but my goodness, this one is perfect. No Vacation are a five-piece hailing from San Francisco, and this comeback single, after a minor hiatus, is bursting with hooks and warmth. It’s a nice one. It will make you feel nice. Nice I tell ya!

Shaefri – Monster

‘Monster’ is taken from Shaefri’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Cracks’, which is out this week. It’s a slow-burn, but as the tension builds and that phenomenal synth takes over, you’ll be addicted.

Tommy Genesis – Empty

Self-proclaimed “fetish rapper” Tommy Genesis is back with another defiant slice of menacing hip-hop that basically tells everyone to go fuck themselves. What is “fetish rap” you ask? I think it has something to do with sniffing Pitbull’s bicycle seat.

H.Grimace – Call it Out

London based four-piece H.Grimace share another track from their forthcoming debut Self Architect, out April 7th. It’s dark, wiry, post-punk excellence. Although our next door neighbour Hector Grimace is fucked off they stole his name.

Pond – The Weather

Pond’s title track to their forthcoming album The Weather is basically the theme tune to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy stretched out to 4 minutes. Although I’ve just learnt that the 30 second long TV theme is in fact taken from an old Eagles’ track. But please don’t let that put you off watching the old Hitchhiker’s Guide TV show. Should it put you off listening to Eagles? Yes. Should it put you off listening to Pond? I don’t know, do what you like.

That’s it for this week. Here’s an ever-expanding Spotify playlist featuring all the best new music of March so far…

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