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Five best new songs this week: featuring Lynn, NAVVI & Phantom Runners

25 July, 2016 — by Lee Bennett0

navvi - close

We have some especially under the radar new pop songs for you this week and we can’t help but enjoy that slightly smug feeling of being ever so slightly ahead of other esteemed colleagues and friends when it comes to discovering new artists.

Although we should perhaps carry a disclaimer stating that Methods Unsound takes no responsibility for your own credibility if any of these tracks ends up bombing completely and your cocky know-it-all attitude sees you fall flat on your face.

Lynn – Can’t Let Go

It’s a pretty rare thing these days when an internet search comes up with zilch about a new artist even after their first video drops. Lynn’s debut track ‘Can’t Let Go’ is a jittery bit of nighttime synth pop while her vocal sits somewhere between Methods Unsound favourite Allie X and JoJo. You heard it here first peeps!

NAVVI – Close

When a music video recalls images of both ‘Drive’ and ‘Lost in Translation’ it has ticked every box imaginable for this reviewer as those two movies are most certainly in my top five of all time. It also helps that the song itself is a gorgeous if slightly claustrophobic piece of indie electronica. NAVVI’s album Omni is one of those albums to fall asleep to with headphones on – managing to be both wonderfully chilled yet slightly unsettling in all the right ways.

Phantom Runners featuring Brooke Bailey – First Time

80s influences galore on this one (although don’t worry – it’s not a cover of the Robin Beck Coca-Cola advert song). As well as having a nostalgic feel there are also some modern RnB twists production wise – indeed it could easily be mistaken for a duet between Bastille and Shura.

The Novelties – Intro From The Other Side

Another one still warm from the oven here! These LA ladies look like they might be found floating around Laurel Canyon with the folkies but based upon this track they are more likely to be lurking in a dark corner of a Berlin nightclub. Icy, detached vocals over menacing synths with the line “we come alive at night from the other side” repeated incessantly suggesting all kind of extracurricular naughtiness.

Cole M.G.N – If U Let Me

Seems we can’t go a week without a Nite Jewel reference somewhere. This week we bring to your attention her partner in life as well as music, Cole M.G.N. Cole’s debut EP is out now on his missus’s Gloriette label and we can’t get enough of the 80s electrofunk vibes coming through. Can we go all out and ask for a Nite Jewel and Cole M.G.N take on Shannon’s ‘Let The Music Play’?

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