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Five best new songs this week: Petite Meller, Ruth Koleva & more

23 August, 2016 — by Lee Bennett0

petite meller flute

We couldn’t let the Olympics draw to a close without seamlessly working it into our best new songs of the week round-up.

It just so happens we have a truly international collection of tunes for you today, and so for each act we’ve helpfully (well not really) informed you how many medals their country just won at the 2016 games.

We’ve even discovered that one of the artists featured below has an Olympian for a parent, and it wasn’t a total coincidence and we totally planned it yeah.

Petite Meller – The Flute (France: 10 gold, 18 silver, 14 bronze)

No-one could accuse Petite Meller of failing to have clear vision for her imagery. Her videos are consistently eccentric yet altogether charming. Nice to see iamamiwhoami’s woolly rug being recycled in this video too. ‘The Flute’ maintains Petite’s knack for a pop hook, and yes there is some flute in there. It would be great to see us Brits taking Petite to our hearts as we appear to have so done with Christine and the Queens and their chart-bothering ‘Chaleur Humaine’.

Ruth Koleva – Oceans (Bulgaria: 1 silver, 2 bronze)

This Bulgarian artists has unleashed a beast of a summer banger in the shape of ‘Oceans’. Starting off with subtle disco-ey strings this one builds and builds before exploding into a monster of a chorus. And yes the “kiss me for the last time” is a bit Lana-ish. Here’s a further fun fact that I found out AFTER deciding upon this brilliant Olympic theme – Ruth’s father won an Olympic gold in 1980 for weightlifting!

Frøder – Over The Sea (Norway: 4 bronze, no need to fear a Eurovision nul points disappointment here)

Our two favourite Norwegian pop princesses in the form of Margaret Berger and Annie are rather absent of late, the random track or two being all we can feast upon. However, their countrywoman Katrin Frøder has delivered a whole album as of 19 August. It’s classy, frosty electropop of the highest order. ‘Dopamine’ is a stand-out cut as is this track ‘Over The Sea’ which has been around a while but very worthy of inclusion on the album.

Middle Kids – Your Love (Australia 8 golds, 11 silver, 10 bronze)

The awesomely named Middle Kids are a frighteningly youthful Sydney band. Somehow they create a sound way beyond their years with Hannah Joy’s vocals managing to recall both Sharon Van Etten and Chrissie Hynde at once – no mean feat for a seasoned performer yet alone this whippersnapper. ‘Your Love’ surely announces these guys as one of Australia’s hottest exports.

CL – Lifted (South Korea: 9 golds, 3 silver, 9 bronze)

2NE1 are one of K-Pop’s biggest girl bands and CL is making a stab at international crossover with her playful single ‘Lifted’. She has heavyweight management trying to break her Stateside and we might see this one pick up a head of steam over here too. Over 4 million YouTube plays for the video in 4 days suggests big things no?

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