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Five best new pop songs this week: feat. Nite Jewel, Todd Terje & Holychild

24 June, 2016 — by Lee Bennett0

holychild featuring kate nash

Never more than today do we need some uplifting new pop songs to raise our spirits, so we’re going for all out pop perfection and a bit of girl-band garage rock with this selection of new tracks.

By the way is it clear yet whether we can still compete in Eurovision?

Brendan Maclean – Funbang1

We all could all do with a bit of funbang today right? Methods Unsound has mentioned Brendan Maclean before as one of Australia’s most important artists right now. Outspoken and hilarious on Twitter, thankfully our man backs up the chatter with some of the best pop tunes this year lined up on his Funbang1 EP, released today. ‘Tectonic’ and ‘Hugs Not Drugs’ were early tasters of the EP and that quality is maintained across the rest of the tracks (seven in all). ‘Free To Love’ is a superb bit of modern day indie disco and the always wonderful Amanda Palmer pops up on the dirty and delicious electro bop ‘On The Door’.

Nite Jewel – Boo Hoo

2016 is only halfway through but has seen some incredibly outstanding pop albums from acts such as St Lucia, Jessy Lanza, Tegan & Sara and Ladyhawke. Don’t overlook Nite Jewel’s recent album Liquid Cool which will similarly end up in many a best of the year list. If you like any of the aforementioned artists but also like your bedroom electronica a bit Grimes-like then ‘Boo Hoo’ is for you. The album’s lead track now has a video and one perfectly matched to the tune itself – the LA nightlife providing a perfect visual backdrop.

Nice As F**k – Door

So who knew Jenny Lewis always wanted her own girl band? Well she has created a little mini supergroup along with members of The Like and Au Revoir Simone. However the sound is very much led from the front by Ms Lewis and will likely be welcomed by those fans mourning the demise of Rilo Kiley. ‘Door’ is a brittle and spiky bit of garage-rock lite without a whiff of the country meets Fleetwood Mac vibe we heard on Jenny’s last solo album ‘The Voyager.

Todd Terje and The Olsens – Baby Do You Wanna Bump

Todd and friends recently released this homage to disco with a unique Scandinavian twist. It’s part of an album called The Big Cover Up, is total fun and shows an entirely different side to Todd’s work. The remixes included are also spot on if you want a little less disco ball and a bit more BPM.

Holychild featuring Kate Nash – Rotten Teeth

Holychild released a totally under the radar gem of a pop album with the genius title ‘The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come’. Leaving that album behind they have a new EP in the offing and lead track is this collaboration with UK indie pop princess Kate Nash. This is certainly Kate’s most pure pop moment in many a years and her Charli XCX-like delivery works a treat over the electroracket Holychild make in the background. An unexpected burst of pop brilliance.

For more brand new music check out this round-up featuring new songs from Nite-Funk and Bobby Pin.

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