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Five best new songs this week: featuring Nite-Funk, Bobbypin & Lany

4 July, 2016 — by Lee Bennett0

consequence by bobbypin

We’re going to completely overlook the monstrosity that is Fergie’s return to the music scene with the utterly tasteless (and indeed tuneless) ‘Milf’.

Hopefully our best new songs this week have a little more class and should see you set fair for the next several days.

Nite-Funk – Let Me Be Me

Nite Jewel’s Ramona Gonzalez is one very busy bee right now. No sooner has she released her third solo album ‘Liquid Cool’ then a new project appears on the horizon in the shape of Nite-Funk – a collaboration between Ramona and Dam-Funk (he who recently funked up those Ekkah girls on their superb two track single). ‘Let Me Be Me’ is a step back in time to early 80s electro-funk like Shannon or Shalamar but with Ramona’s indie cool pulsing through it. The Nite-Funk EP dropped last week.

RABBII – New Friends

A melting pot of Scandinavian influences abound on this one. ‘New Friends’ could be Fever Ray on a night she hit the dancefloor or Niki and The Dove at the point when the rain started to fall on their sunny summer pop. You will be singing the “I have missed you at the club” line for days after hearing this earworm a couple of times.

Bobbypin – Consequence

You know we love a bit of yachtpop here at Methods Unsound right? Well if you took Christopher Cross’ ‘Sailing’ and let Class Actress (more about her in a mo) add some electro-noir iciness you might end up somewhere near Bobbypin’s ‘Consequence’. Super animation in this clip too.

Class Actress – Glass Ceiling

Car ignition, ringing phones – it’s all going on with Class Actress’ new track ‘Glass Ceiling’. Her EP from last year, which was overseen by Giorgio Moroder, was a pop highlight of the year – dark, decadent electro pop at its best. It’s not clear what ‘Glass Ceiling’ represents in terms of new material but it’s certainly far more experimental and indeed a more claustrophobic listen than her previous work.

Lany – Current Location

Our favourite new tune is by Lany, who just hit it out of the park with a second successive EP of epic proportions. ‘Current Location’ is a forelorn tune describing a relationship which is about to become a long distance, and the song aches with the anxiety caused by imminent separation. Jam and Lewis’ production on the Human League’s ‘Human’ seems to be the inspiration on this and the boys have absolutely nailed the delivery – smooth without cheese.

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