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Seven best new songs this week: Chromatics, Lou Barlow, The Veils & more

29 September, 2016 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

Our regular best songs of the week wrangler Lee is off sick this week. Everyone say “get well soon” to Lee…

Cool, thanks, I’m sure he heard and appreciated the good will.

Apart from you, mirthless person who read the opening paragraph with absolute stoney-faced silence and didn’t respond.

If Lee read about you being sick from across the other side of the internet he would look deep into his laptop screen and say out loud, “Get well soon, dearest stranger.” And he’d really mean it too.

Yeah you should feel ashamed of yourself. We’re not just anonymous writers putting any old meaningless crap down on a webpage you know! We have feelings too. Especially when one of us has the sniffles.

Anyway, here are this week’s best new tunes. Not that you deserve them…

The Veils – Low Lays The Devil

I’m a big fan of The Veils’ last album Total Depravity, and here’s the latest single from the bluesy, gothic beast, ‘Low Lays the Devil’. The video features a classic Satan incarnate, doing lots of naughty things. Mainly hair-pulling and crotch gyrations. You know, the worst stuff.

The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk – Starboy

In case you’re not one of the 3.5 million who have already watched it, here’s The Weeknd’s latest single featuring the most famous anonymous men in robot suits who do dance music. S’alright. It’s got a leather jacket, a nice car, someone smashing stuff up and is lit by a photophobic, so it ticks all the modern music video boxes.

Lou Barlow – The Breeze

Lou Barlow is not only a member of three of the best alternative rock bands ever (Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh and Folk Implosion), he’s also a badass bass player, a songwriter who knows his way around a hook and a heartbreaking melody, and he sings like a broken angel. Barlow also has a gorgeous new solo EP coming out in October called Apocalypse Fetish. Here’s the bruising lead track, ‘The Breeze’.

And if you don’t believe me regarding Barlow’s talent, let’s do what any self-respecting Adam Buxton fan would do and glance at the YouTube comments.

youtube comments

I think Lou Barlow would be heartened by that.

John Carpenter – Utopian Facade

The video to John Carpenter’s latest single Utopian Facade features loads of grotesque monsters, a super-cool female hero and some masterful synth-heavy electronica. If only John Carpenter had released this in 2001 instead of Ghosts of Mars.

Weyes Blood – Do You Need My Love

Weyes Blood is the project of Natalie Mering, who you may have heard performing with Jackie-O Motherfucker and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. ’Do You Need My Love’, taken from forthcoming album Front Row Seat, is a wonderfully melodramatic single trembling under the weight of Mering’s powerful vocal. In the accompanying video a moustachioed Mering gets shitfaced on Chianti and wakes up next to a bear. Sometimes you don’t need to end on a joke, sometimes the video does the work for you.

Chromatics – Magazine

Johnny Jewel’s score for the Belgian film Home will be released through his Italians Do It Better label on October 14th. It contains a mixture of brand new tracks from Chromatics and Symmetry as well as Jewel’s score itself. Here’s the track ‘Magazine’, for fans of crying behind sunglasses while thinking of good times gone sour.

LIANA – Hide & Seek

LIANA are two sisters who make very dramatic electropop. They describe themselves as Lana Del Rey covering The XX, and sure that’s a pretty accurate description, but there’s a lot more poppy exhilaration than earnestness going on in their new single ‘Hide and Seek’. Although they’d probably still do very well in a three-way ‘mood off’. I reckon they’d come second place. Mainly because Del Rey couldn’t be arsed getting out of bed.

For more brand new music check out our latest round-up featuring new songs by Run the Jewels and Pussy Riot.

Seven best new songs this week: Chromatics, Lou Barlow, The Veils & more
Seven best new songs this week: Chromatics, Lou Barlow, The Veils & more
Here are this week's best new songs, featuring Chromatics, Lou Barlow, The Weeknd, The Veils, LIANA, John Carpenter and Weyes Blood.
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