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Holy Cheezus! We ate a burger between two cheese toasties!

27 April, 2016 — by Toni Ratcliff2

A couple of weeks ago in my London food news roundup I mentioned The Blue’s Kitchen‘s burger of the month, The Holy Cheezus. A glorious creation of a burger served between two toasted cheese sandwiches! Seriously.

Ever the dedicated journo (or fatty) I popped down to The Blue’s Kitchen in Shoreditch last week to check out this bad boy for myself.

The Holy Cheezus (£15.50)

The Blues Kitchen - The Holy Cheezus with fries

The Holy Cheezus consists of a 7oz dry aged Angus and Shorthorn steak patty topped with bacon, glazed onions, rocket, and rye-infused bechamel sauce on two grilled cheese sandwiches.

My first impression was that it’s a fair bit smaller than I was expecting. I think I was prepared to be met with two massive inch-thick Breville toasty sandwiches and a huge wodge of cheese in the middle of each, which would have make the whole thing sort of gigantic and unwieldy. But actually the sandwiches themselves were quite thin, like a cheese toasty that had been squished down to around the size of one slice of normal bread. This at least made it more manageable, if a little less impressive.

The Blues Kitchen - The Holy Cheezus

The burger patty itself was good but I felt that maybe it wasn’t as juicy and delicious as The French Connection, The Blue’s Kitchen’s burger of the month from March. The onions seemed a little over generous and I definitely didn’t get a sense of the rye in the bechamel sauce. However the bacon was nice and crispy and the rocket did it’s job of being peppery. For me though, I felt like it could have done with a little squish of ketchup just to lift it and add a twang of sweetness.

The Blues Kitchen - The Holy Cheezus in half

Weirdly, the one thing it actually seemed to be missing was… cheese. As there isn’t any actual cheese on the burger you don’t get the overriding cheesy melt-fest like you would if there was a big slab of cheese on the burger patty itself. All of the cheese is encased between the bread so you just get a little hint of cheesy bread flavour minus the big, gloopy, cheesy strings that I usually love so much in a cheeseburger. This was more than a little disappointing to be honest.

All in all I felt like The Holy Cheezus sadly didn’t quite live up to it’s name. In the world of gimmicky burgers more is probably always more, and in this case what we needed was more cheese. Nobody is going to say no to that now, are they?


Bun: 2/5
Patty: 3/5
Cheese & extras: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

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The Holy Cheezus Burger - The Blue's Kitchen


  • Katie Watkin

    27 April, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    That’s disappointing. The most important part of any meal is gooey, melty cheese.

    • Toni

      27 April, 2016 at 5:41 pm

      I know right?! Even if it’s like fish… or a trifle…

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