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Dip N Flip, Tooting – Best Burgers of London Review

26 May, 2016 — by Toni Ratcliff0

I made it. I finally made it to Dip N Flip! The small but ever-growing chain of burger restaurants that serve up their burgers and fries with a side of delicious gravy for dunking.

Yes, you heard me correctly people, gravy! Their speciality is the Dip N Flip burger which also comes with layers of roast beef or lamb dunked in gravy and then placed on top too. You can see now why I wanted to go, right?

Dip N Flip Burger

As a self-confessed burger obsessive, Dip N Flip have been firmly on my radar for a long time, especially because a colleague at work lived around the corner from the Battersea branch and would talk endlessly about how good it was, how many burgers he ate last night and how the gravy is amazing. Every time my mouth salivated uncontrollably. Every time I thought, “I HAVE to go to this place!” But as a resident of north-east London the trek down to south-west London (Dip N Flip don’t have any branches further east than Brixton) always seemed so far away, seemingly impossible. Especially when Bleecker Street and Lucky Chip were just just around the corner in arms reach.

However, on Saturday I found myself in Tooting and when people asked where we should go to grab a bite to eat I screamed “DIP N FLIP!” out loud, such was my excitement. We popped down fairly early on Saturday evening, about 6.30pm, and the place was empty apart from one group of guys. By the time we left though there were only a couple of tables available in the back so this place is clearly popular. And for good reason.

The menu is small but perfectly formed offering you all you need for a good time: cheeseburgers, fries, their house style poutine (more on that later), beer and hardshakes.

Dip N Flip Burger with Beef

Obviously I had to order the infamous Dip N Flip burger (£9.95, above). We asked for ours to be topped with beef rather than lamb and cooked medium-rare, as it should be. It was ready in well-under 10 minutes, served in a cardboard takeaway box and on a tray with it’s own little dish of gravy. To cut a long story short: it was delicious! The burger patty was tasty and juicy, the slices of beef were soft and succulent and the brioche bun held it’s integrity and didn’t fall apart. Even when dunked in the gravy. And OH, the gravy! It was immense. Look at the shine on it! It was some of the deepest, richest and tastiest gravy I have ever had. Definitely worth the trip alone if that sort of thing floats your gravy boat.

Dip N Flip Bacon Double Cheeseburger

I also ordered a Bacon Double Cheeseburger (£8.95, above) because a) there were two of us, and b) I am a bit of a fatty. I’m a huge fan of bacon double cheeseburgers anyway and this did not disappoint. It was so juicy that it required four napkins (I counted) and a little puddle of juice still oozed out onto my tray. Definitely one for the dirty burger list. It was so good and I hadn’t had a decent cheeseburger in so long that I think I inhaled it in about five minutes flat. It was awesome. And I liked the option of being able to eat it on it’s own and savour the deliciousness of the burger itself, or dunking it into the gravy à la French dip style.

Dip N Flip Not Poutine Fries

To go alongside our burgers we ordered the ‘poutine fries’, which aren’t technically allowed to be called ‘poutine’ apparently as they don’t contain cheese curd. What they have instead are Fries topped with melted cheese, gravy, bacon and sliced green chillies (£5.25, above). Regardless of the name, these were particularly delicious so definitely get yourself some of these fellas. Finally we had the Squeezy Cheese Fries (£3.50, below), which are exactly as they sound: some fries with some synthetic cheese squished all over them. I think that they probably would have been an eight year-old child’s fantasy, but as an adult I’m not so sure they really hit the mark. Out of the two, definitely go for the poutine.

Dip N Flip Squeezy Cheese Fries

All in all, Dip N Flip thankfully lived up to the hype, and I’m so glad that I can add it to the list of best burgers I’ve eaten in London, so far. I just need them to open a branch a bit closer to home now. I wonder if Deliveroo travel that far…?

Dip N Flip Bacon Double Cheeseburger 2


Bun: 4/5
Patty: 4/5
Cheese & extras: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

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Dip N Flip Burger

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