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Five best new songs this week: Duendita, Hildur, Memoryy & more

8 August, 2016 — by Lee Bennett0

Variety is indeed the spice of life and this week our regular round up of the best new songs of the week is the audio equivalent of a bag of Revels.

We have the melt in your mouth smoothness of the Galaxy-like flat round one that no-one knows what to call (delivered musically by Duendita). The spiky nutty one is represented by the rocking-but-still-pop WHITE. For the sweeter-than-sweet orange creme we’d like to introduce you to Iceland’s Hildur. The very fruity raisins are courtesy of saucy-pop-diva-superstar in the making Betsy. That leaves me with Memoryy, who don’t really fit with the remaining Revels. Their tune is an 80s indebted jam and needs a retro confectionery reference so I’m thinking maybe Toffos?

Next week I’ll try a make cheeseburger theme introduction in keeping with the Methods Unsound style-guide. Or perhaps not.

Duendita – Dream Of Me (featuring Simon Eng & Ken-I)

Duendita’s Soundcloud page tells you how this beautiful collaborative piece of music came together. Simon Eng sampled Duendita’s original song for his own record. Ken-I then came along and decided he could make it even better and so the three of them appear to share the credits for this. ‘Dream Of Me’ is one of the most sublime electronic soul songs you’ll hear all year.

WHITE – I Liked You Better When You Needed Me

The title alone makes this worth a listen. Thankfully it’s a slinky but rocking throwback to the finest moments of the Dandy Warhols with some Arctic Monkeys-like swagger. The synths don’t appear until half way through but certainly add value when they do.

Hildur – Bumpy Road

While Tove Lo’s big comeback single failed to make much of an impression on me this week, Iceland’s Hildur dropped the Scandi electropop single of the month so far with ‘Bumpy Road’. It’s a fidgety but supremely danceable track with vocal stylings and phrasing which have a lot in common with her countrywoman Emiliana Torrini.

Betsy – Lost And Found

Listen to this one without the visuals and you’d be forgiven for thinking that either Cher was making another comeback or that Clare Maguire had found a lost track from her debut album sessions. Then when you clock Betsy for the first time it’s quite jolting – looking like a character from a David Lynch movie with a Lana Del Rey style complex. Chuck all of this together with a very radio friendly tune and Betsy could be the new diva on the block to watch out for in the second half of 2016.

Memoryy – Turning The Page

Memoryy has been around for a while but he might be about to break through with his 80s-tastic new tune ‘Turning The Page’ (just loving the single artwork too). Memorry’s album Skeletons is due later this year and we have a little while to wait before we can even snag this one on iTunes etc so play the life out of this Soundcloud link, just like I have since discovering it. Apparently Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ was the inspiration for ‘Turning The Page’ – can’t quite hear that but it’s super cool all the same.

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