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Eight best new songs this week: Kate Bush, Childish Gambino (again) & more

22 November, 2016 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

This week’s best new songs round-up features Kate Bush, Childish Gambino, Kingdom and so much pedantry you’ll be too angry to even click on any of the videos.

Of course, if you’re a normal person who doesn’t mind the continual degradation of the English language in modern pop music, then feel free to ignore my comments. It was different back in my day, Morrissey owned a dictionary.

No I’ve never heard of Slade. Whom are they?

Kate Bush – And Dream of Sheep (Live)

While discussing Philip K. Dick’s most famous novel, the great and elegantly tailored stand-up Paul F. Tompkins noted that we don’t actually dream of sheep, It seems we’ve blindly accepted the ‘truism’ of Dick’s title without question for more than 45 years. But then ’Do Androids Also Use the Ludicrous Practice of Counting Sheep to Help Them Fall Asleep Just Like We Humans Do?’ isn’t quite as catchy.

Here’s Kate Bush continuing to pull the wool over our eyes with her video to ‘And Dream of Sheep’. This was specially filmed for her 2014 London shows and is released now to promote her upcoming triple-disc live album. Kate Bush also caught hypothermia while filming it, so maybe give her break on the whole sheep thing.

Kingdom – Nothin [Feat. Syd]

Kingdom’s debut album Tears in the Club is out 27th February, and this is a smooth-as-hell taster featuring Syd from The Internet. But hey, who isn’t from the internet these days? Well apart from my Dad, he lives in a small village where even the notion of 3G conjures up a world of flying cars and deadly replicants.

BrAin Tan – Moth

Pretending like chillwave didn’t die a dribbly, uneventful death a few years ago is Brian Tan, a solo project of Brooklyn-based Rob Arbelo. And good for him, as ‘Moth’ is a lovely piece of dreamy synth-pop with some gorgeous touches.

I had to rewrite this whole thing after I realised it was Brian Tan and not Brain Tan. I once did the exact same thing with Brian Tentacles. It rendered the whole review completely nonsensical. Luckily I haven’t made the same mistake here! Oh wait shit, hang on.

Body Language – Addicted (Memoryy 1991 Remix)

Here’s a previously unreleased mix of the original Body Language track ‘Addicted’ from their album Mythos, as reworked by friend of the site Memoryy.

And yes you have been spelling ‘memory’ wrong for your entire life. You’re in good company though, Barbra Streisand and Metallica have been doing the exact same thing for years. Hell, one of them can’t even spell Barbara right.

Childish Gambino – Redbone

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino will release his third album Awaken, My Love! on 2nd December and following on from last week’s mighty ‘Me and Your Mama’ here’s a squelchy follow-up that finds Gambino adopting a register one can only describe as Danny John Jules-esque. It’s classy as shit.

Jack Francis – Play On

Jack Francis is a singer-songwriter from Southampton, and as a friend of mine described when sending me his record, “he has a voice like a soothing hug from a big warm bear.” Of course if that bear finds out that you’ve been stealing his honey, he’ll eat your face clean off. Just like Jack Francis.

Pup – Sleep in the Heat

Pup’s video for ‘Sleep in the Heat’, taken from the Polaris Prize shortlisted album The Dream Is Over, stars Finn Wolfhard, who you’ll recognise as Mikey from Stranger Things. This follows Millie Bobby Brown’s (Eleven) appearance in the Sigma video ‘Find Me’ released earlier in the month. Casting kids from Stranger Things in your music videos is the new cool thing to do! Watch out for the flower-faced demogorgon lounging on a yacht with Taylor Swift in her next video

Twin Wave – Roll With It

Twin Wave are a Brooklyn based dream-pop band (I think I’ve written that before) and their new single ‘Roll With It’ is a dark-edged but catchy as hell track that sounds like Miike Snow in a mood. Which is much more preferable to the Oasis cover I feared it would be when I fired up the Soundcloud link.

For more brand new music check out our latest round-up featuring new songs by Burial and Laura Marling.

Eight best new songs this week: Kate Bush, Childish Gambino (again) & more
Eight best new songs this week: Kate Bush, Childish Gambino (again) & more
This week’s best new tracks round-up features Kate Bush, Childish Gambino, Kingdom and so much pedantry you’ll be too angry to even click on any of the videos or links contained below.
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