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Ranking the entire Marvel Cinematic (and Television) Universe

19 April, 2016 — by The Methods Unsound staff0


As we enter Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with it the promise of new, even stranger heroes (*prays for appearance of M.O.D.O.K.)* we thought we'd look back at all the previous entries of the MCU including its TV cousins, and present our vigorous opinions on each one and put them in a handy of order of most shit to least shit.


Excelsior Motherfuckers! Marvel’s hip-hop inspired variant comic covers

15 July, 2015 — by Christopher Ratcliff0


In one of Marvel’s boldest and most shameless attempts to completely take control of my bank account and various financial assets, the venerable comic… hmm, think of something bigger and more world-conquering than a behemoth… oh I know… the venerable comic cthulu has announced a series of hip-hop album inspired variant covers to be released throughout October.

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Ant-Man – Movie Review

10 July, 2015 — by Rich Watkin0


I am a man-child. A man who has never quite grown up enough to call himself a grown up. I still love many of the things I did when I was a kid, this includes dragging my wife to see the latest instalment of the Transformers franchise (Dark of the Moon wasn't quite as bad as everyone else said it was. Yeah I said it). The resurgence of Superhero movies in the last seven years has only reinforced my man-child status and with each passing release from Marvel studios I get so giddy I pee a little bit. This includes Marvel's latest entry in its Cinematic Universe: Ant-Man.

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Secret Wars II: Marvel’s underrated masterpiece

7 May, 2015 — by Matt Owen0


Did Marvel already outdo Secret Wars? Well... no. But they did create a work of crazed genius that you need to check out.

Marvel Comics isn’t very good at secrets. Oh sure, it had that big one back in ’85, which went so well that it inspired the entire concept of company-wide crossover summer events. Every 'crisis', every 'age of', every act of vengeance, and every time Atlantis gets its Speedos in a twist and decides to bombard Manhattan, you can trace it right back to Secret Wars. Since then though, the magic seems to have waned somewhat.