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20 best albums of 2015 so far

1 July, 2015 — by Christopher Ratcliff0


It's summer. You can tell it's summer because the music industry buggers off on holiday for three months leaving us all bereft of new music and having to listen to our Dad's Greatest Hits of ELO cassette and pretend like that's a brilliant and convenient thing to do. It's lucky you bought that cassette player last year, you hipster bag of crap otherwise you'd be really fucked.

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Fright and Sound: five terrifying modern horror soundtracks

27 May, 2015 — by Christopher Ratcliff3


My addiction to buying horror movie soundtracks started a few years ago when I discovered the magnificent Death Waltz Recording Company, its US based counterpart Mondo and their range of artfully curated LPs. These beautifully produced records, often sourced from the original masters, cover everything from John Carpenter's entire back catalogue to Lucio Fulci's The House by the Cemetery, the overlooked masterpiece The Visitor and long-lost Italian curios like L Profumo Della Signora In Nero.

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John Carpenter: Lost Themes – Album Review

30 April, 2015 — by Christopher Ratcliff0


If you're already familiar with the work of John Carpenter (he of directing Halloween, The Thing and They Live fame) you'll already be familiar with his outstanding abilities as a composer. The frantic, tension building piano melody of Halloween. The throbbing electro pulse of Assault on Precinct 13 (which has fittingly been sampled by Afrika Bambaataa, Bomb the Bass and Tricky over the years). The sheer trouser-ruining spookiness of The Fog soundtrack. All of these themes are the expert handiwork of Carpenter himself and have become just as iconic as the films they score.