Methods Unsound presents our very first podcast: Moving On [Episode 1: Mallrats]

21 June, 2020 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

The Methods Unsound team has decided to resurrect our semi-dormant pop culture website for this period of extended quarantine by releasing our very first podcast…

Welcome to Methods Unsound Presents: Moving On. A 5 part mini-series on the films we loved, that now make us cringe.

Joining me via a mess of online platforms, laptops, microphones and internet connections of varying quality are four other members of the Methods Unsound team: Catherine Thompson, Ted Wilkes, Matt Owen and Joachim Farncombe.

In this mini-podcast-series, the team will take it in turns to pick a film they used to love for a brief period of time, but they’ve now grown out of.

The other guests will then pick an element of the film they find interesting, shameful, or weird and basically make the person who picked the film hate themselves for bringing it to everyone’s attention again.

Then at the end, we all pick one thing each we like about the film. And we’ll rate the film out of 10, and definitively conclude whether it should be cast away forever into the same land-fill containing Guy Ritchie’s Cast Away, or rescued from insignificance and placed alongside Nicholas Roeg’s underrated gem Insignificance.

This week we tackle Kevin Smith’s 1995 ‘comedy’ Mallrats!

Various links for listening are below. It should also be available in most places you listen to podcasts

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This series was recorded back in April, so please forgive any anachronistic references (i.e. the fact that we were only a couple weeks into lockdown).

A new episode will be released every Sunday (ish)!

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