Depressed by DC’s cinematic universe? Come join us in the Arrowverse for some fun

17 February, 2017 — by Catherine Thompson0


Now that the DC cinematic universe is fully committed to nose-diving straight into the ground, with rumours of Ben Affleck itching to abandon the world of Batman and Mel "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" GIbson being courted to direct Suicide Squad 2, we take a look at a safe space for beleaguered fans of the caped crusader and his heroic chums.


Excelsior Motherfuckers! Marvel’s hip-hop inspired variant comic covers

15 July, 2015 — by Christopher Ratcliff0


In one of Marvel’s boldest and most shameless attempts to completely take control of my bank account and various financial assets, the venerable comic… hmm, think of something bigger and more world-conquering than a behemoth… oh I know… the venerable comic cthulu has announced a series of hip-hop album inspired variant covers to be released throughout October.

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Blankets: the warmest graphic novel you’ll ever read

20 May, 2015 — by Catherine Thompson0


Blankets is a huge, whopping piece of literature. At 582 pages long it’s not mucking about. Honestly though, I think you could plough through this book in about three hours. Which is exactly what I did the first time. Craig Thomson’s second graphic novel is an astounding, blisteringly honest piece of autobiographical work that I fell in love with from the first moment I opened it.

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Secret Wars II: Marvel’s underrated masterpiece

7 May, 2015 — by Matt Owen0


Did Marvel already outdo Secret Wars? Well... no. But they did create a work of crazed genius that you need to check out.

Marvel Comics isn’t very good at secrets. Oh sure, it had that big one back in ’85, which went so well that it inspired the entire concept of company-wide crossover summer events. Every 'crisis', every 'age of', every act of vengeance, and every time Atlantis gets its Speedos in a twist and decides to bombard Manhattan, you can trace it right back to Secret Wars. Since then though, the magic seems to have waned somewhat.

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Afterlife With Archie: when Riverdale met cosmic horror

30 April, 2015 — by Christopher Ratcliff3


Just an all-American boy living the all-American nightmare.

If like me you were raised in a terribly small town in England during the 80s and had very limited access to American culture save for whatever early Saturday morning cartoons were shown on ITV, then you'll have no reason to have read or even heard of Archie Comics and its supremely apple pie vision of a sanitised American high school. However right now in the mutating, shiftless teen-years of the 21st century, Archie Comics is providing some of the most gruelling, captivating and deeply nihilistic horror in any form of media. So what the hell happened?


Why I’m sticking with The Walking Dead against my better judgement

29 April, 2015 — by Catherine Thompson0


Although despite being five seasons in, The Walking Dead could still learn some lessons from its comic book counterpart.

My true love of comics developed when I started to branch out into the non-Marvel, non-costumed branch of the comic book world. From the fascinating mouse themed exploration of a time spent in a concentration camp to the delicate, heart-achingly lovely coming of age story that is Blankets. I loved it all. Soon I found that artists and writers were doing things with comics that they couldn't get away with anywhere else, and boy can they go dark!