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Chick ‘n’ Sours: the best fried chicken in London – Restaurant Review

29 January, 2016 — by Toni Ratcliff2


In 2015, fried chicken became the new cheeseburger. Last year it seemed like every other month a new chicken joint was popping up across London offering a crunchier, juicer, more hipster version than their PFC cousins on the high street. But I'm not going to be one of these people who bemoan the gentrification of food stuffs: if you want to take a popular dish and make it even MORE delicious, then by all means be my guest! I mean, I'm not crazy...

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Rating ginger wine: delicious boozy medicine

12 June, 2015 — by Joachim Farncombe1


I feel the need to promote one of my favourite tipples: ginger wine. I’m not a relative of Joseph Stone (the grocer who gave the brand its name) nor do I work for the World Ginger Beverage Council. I’m just surprised how it’s not more readily available and feel more people could be enjoying its fiery green goodness with me. Besides, I can’t drink it all.