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41 spoiler-free tips for Secret Cinema: Dirty Dancing

12 July, 2016 — by Toni Ratcliff1

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Secret Cinema’s 2016 summer spectacular opens this week, and it’s one of the greatest chick flicks of all time: Dirty Dancing!

dirty dancing jonny and baby in dance studio

If you’re already familiar with the movie then you may well have an idea of what to expect, but if not then we’ve put together a handy guide for all your most burning questions, including: what to wear, where to go, and what the hell time do you have to be there?

This list will be as spoiler-free as possible for the London based film event (considering that we already know the film being shown) and it is merely intended to aid your enjoyment of the day.

1) This is the second time that Secret Cinema has put on Dirty Dancing, the first time was back in 2014. We have included a video of their previous Dirty Dancing event right at the end of this article but it does contain a few spoilers so don’t watch if you wish to remain in the dark.

2) As of 12th July all tickets are showing as sold out or unavailable for every day. *Update: standard tickets now seem to be available to buy again for ALL days, including Saturdays!*

3) If you want a ticket for a sold-out day, just take a look at their Facebook page. There are usually plenty of people selling spares for face value.

4) Tickets cost £70.10 (inc booking fee). There’s also a ‘VIP Ticket’ available for £129, and judging by previous events it probably involves booze, private transport and exclusive interactions with the cast.

5) Once you’ve bought your ticket, you’ll receive an email from Max Kellerman himself containing a link to Kellerman’s website. You’ll also receive a password. This is where you’ll find out the location of the event, your costume and what you’ll need to bring.

6) If you’re the ticket-buyer for a group, when you’re sent the registration link and password don’t forget to forward it to the rest of your friends! Everyone will need to register individually before they will be allowed admittance.

7) You should probably all have received your emails by now, we received our registration email on 1st July.

8) Don’t panic if you can’t find the registration email! It may have dropped into your junk/promotions folder so have a check in there first. If you really can’t find the email then contact who will be able to advise.

9) When registering your details you will be asked a few personal questions such as ‘What is your favourite dance move’. Don’t worry too much about these answers, it is very unlikely that anyone is going to put a gun to your head and insist you perform the Mambo perfectly or be ejected from the event.

10) Having said that, there is rumour of a Talent Show taking place…. So if you do want to be a star, dust off your tap shoes and get ready to “join hands and hearts and voices, voices, hearts and hands…!”

11) Once registered, you will be given an alter ego for the night. Your identity details can be found under a link from your new name on the top right of the homepage. Click on ‘My Profile’ to see your details.

12) Remember to click on the ‘Check in Card’ link on your profile page and print off your ID badge! You may need to show this to somebody when you arrive at the event.

13) You can edit your profile picture on this page too as this photo will show on your check in card.

14) It is advised that you follow the dress code on the day which consists of 60’s style summery dresses, cardigans and flat shoes for the ladies; light fabrics, summer shirts, casual footwear for the gentlemen.

15) Wear flat shoes. Heeled shoes are not permitted! So watch out, ladies (and men), put down those coral shoes and go with the plimsolls.

16) All outfits can be bought from the official Secret Cinema online store: Kellerman’s Stores

17) It is not compulsory to purchase something from the official store, if you have something similar at home then feel free to wear that instead.

18) But don’t be the only knob who turns up in everyday 2016 clobber and Nike trainers. You will regret it as everyone else will be in character and staring at you. Get involved! After all, nobody puts Baby in the corner.

19) No guests allowed in the staff quarters.

20) Optional items you may want to bring include a hula-hoop, beach balls, a neckerchief, and a romantic note to your dance instructor.

21) You will be able to make your way to and from the location via public transport.

22) The event takes place in east London, zone 3.

23) The event takes place outside. So bring something warm in case of chilly evenings and prepare for the great British summer. AKA: rain.

24) Secret Cinema will allow you to bring cushions and blankets to sit on if you would like, as otherwise you will probably be sitting on grass. You can also buy these at the event.

25) Admittance times are from 6pm on Fridays, and from 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The latest arrival time at the meeting point is 6:45pm on Fridays, 5:45pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

26) As ever, don’t be late. Latecomers will not be admitted. But don’t panic if you have an appointment time different from your friends. You’ll still be let in with them.

27) There will be Secret Cinema staff on hand and lining the route to direct you where to go once you reach the meeting point.

28) Remember that the meeting point stated in your registration email may not the actual event location, so allow yourself 10-15 minutes to walk to the location before your entry time.

29) If you have specific access requirements email to let them know ahead of attendance.

30) There will be a range of ‘activities’ laid on for guests, and you will probably have a good couple of hours to hang out and take part before things really get going…

31) Explore everywhere and talk to as many of the cast members as you can.

32) Guests are not permitted to flirt with entertainment staff.

33) Do not bring any valuables, laptops, jewellery or luggage. There will be nowhere to store them and it will be a pain in the arse if they go missing or you have to haul them around all day.

34) If you haven’t printed off your ticket, they’ll still let you in with your PDF ticket on your phone.

35) You will have to place you mobile phone in a little zip-lock bag provided on entry. This is often the nicest thing about Secret Cinema: nobody’s stupid phone getting in the way of the action.

36) There will be food and booze available all day.

37) The price for booze is roughly £4 for a can of beer and £18 for a bottle of wine. They usually serve cocktails for around £6 too.

38) Food is around £7 for a hot meal.

39) It’s card payments only throughout the event space. Chip and pin and contactless are both available.

40) Previous Secret Cinemas have finished around 10-10:30pm, with opportunities to hang around and party longer. Again this is only based on previous events, but maybe you might be able to sneak into the staff quarters with a watermelon when nobody is looking…

41) Guests must be prepared to have the time of their lives!

Dirty Dancing Jonny and Baby lift

Right, you still want to see that video from last time? Ok, here you go then:

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