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THE END IS EXTREMELY FUCKING NIGH: Secret Cinema presents 28 Days Later!

2 March, 2016 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

Following on from last year’s mega badass Empire Strikes Back extravaganza and this year’s Tell No One event (which is still on folks), Secret Cinema has today announced their next project… 28 Days Later.

Billed as Secret Cinema’s “first ever horror world” this immersive adaptation of Danny Boyle’s terrifying 2002 classic will hit a secret London event location from April 14th until May 29th.

Secret Cinema 28 days later

Hopefully this will open up a whole new world of other horror themed Secret Cinema events. I await with pant-ruining anticipation The Shining, The Evil Dead or Se7en. Hmm, maybe not Se7en.

Oh no, I’m one of those twats who writes ‘Se7en’. I’m everything I feared I wasn’t!

Anyway, tickets went on sale Thurs 3rd March and here’s our spoiler free guide to Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later.

Better get your rage inoculations. Or something. I don’t know.

28 days later rage

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