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NEVERENDED: Free graffiti and street art exhibition in Shoreditch

15 February, 2016 — by Toni Ratcliff0

I’m hip, yeah? I occasionally wear skinny jeans and an over-sized coat. I can be cool and down with the kids (ignoring the fact that I am fast approaching my mid-30s). So when we were invited to the opening of Neverended, an exhibition of London’s graffiti and street art in uber-hipster Shoreditch this week I wasn’t going to let a little thing like my lack of street cred get in the way.

Neverended: Graffiti exhibition

Neverended is a retrospective exhibition of over 200 pieces of art from acclaimed graffiti and street artists, that has been put together by EndoftheLine Productions to showcase the best of East London street art from the last 10 years. The venue is the LondonNewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch where Neverended will run for a little over two weeks from 11th-28th February. And the best thing (apart from the art, obvs) is that it’s completely FREE!

Neverended: Graffiti exhibition

We popped along to the opening on Wednesday night to get a sneaky peek of what was going down. I am, by my own admission, not an art connoisseur, although I did enjoy the graffiti at the East Side Gallery in Berlin last year so I figured I would get along fine. All I know is that I like fun things, pretty things and colourful things (check out our Instagram page to prove it) and that is exactly what I got at Neverended by the BMX load.

Neverended: Graffiti exhibition

Obviously most of the art on display features spray paint but not all in a way you would expect. The following piece by Jim Vision was amazing, it’s absolutely humongous spanning one whole wall and then even spilling out onto the floor as well. It reminded me of a cross between a heavy metal album cover and the portrait of Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters 2.

Neverended: Graffiti exhibition

I loved the fact that some pieces were painted on doors, skateboards, furniture or whatever was laying around. Anything can be a canvas if you want it to be. I really liked the thick, swirly brush strokes on this one on the right. And the boobs.Neverended: Graffiti exhibition

Although spray cans do feature quite heavily there were pieces in more traditional oil paints, and when you take a closer look you appreciate just how beautiful and intricate they are.

Neverended: Graffiti exhibitionNeverended: Graffiti exhibition

And for once there was art that I could actually relate to…

Neverended: Graffiti exhibition

On top of all this, Neverended will also be holding pop-up events in the exhibition space including music, live art, life drawing classes, pop-up feasts and talks. Check out their Facebook page for more details. When we went there was a DJ spinning cool tunes (when he wasn’t texting on his phone, ahem).

Neverended: Graffiti exhibition

Neverended is open every day Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-8pm until the 28th February 2016, but is closed on Mondays for private viewings.

If you are looking for something free and interesting to do, or if you are just at a loose end around Shoreditch, it’s definitely worth popping in to take a look. You get to see some pretty things and you will automatically feel your coolness factor increase by 10 points just by stepping through the door.

I’ll just leave you with my favourite piece of the night here. Bye!

Neverended: Graffiti exhibition

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