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Molly Burch – Please Be Mine: Album Review

19 February, 2017 — by Jason Stockwell0

molly burch please be mine

Having moved house recently, I took it upon myself to root around my old possessions and reflect on my adolescent years. During this clear-out I stumbled upon an old games console and a copy of GTA Vice City, a childhood gem. After playing GTA for a solid hour, Molly Burch’s Please Be Mine came on in the background – followed by something magical.

I started abiding the law on Vice City!?

Now I stop at red lights, let pedestrians cross the road and even helped fight crime – the 14 year old inside of me was fuming. Molly Burch’s album is truly something magical. I mean full change-the-way-you-play-a-game magical.

With Please Be Mine, Molly Burch has assembled a humdinger of a debut. Her classic soothing vocals, accompanied by Dailey Toliver on his chimey guitar (which I can just imagine being played through a beautiful Vox AC30). This is a record designed to unwind your soul at the end of a long day.

Molly burch
Snapped! Molly Burch seen in romantic embrace with U2’s The Hedge! Can we hear wedding bells?

There are some superb lullabies on Please Be Mine. ‘Downhearted’, ‘Try’ and ‘Wrong For You’ are all plaintive little heartbreakers, but the more up-tempo ‘Torn To Pieces’ is also worthy of your attention, and ‘Not Today’ is a gorgeous 60’s girl group throwback Although the album does stray into benign She and Him territory, Burch’s extraordinarily warm and wide-ranging vocals keep everything on the right side of interesting.

Please Be Mine doesn’t have the feel of a debut album, Burch already sounds like a very accomplished singer-songwriter; a modern day Billie Holliday if you will. With a background in LA and Austin there aren’t many better places to start out as an artist.

Now back to the mean streets of Vice City, where I might look into getting an allotment or building a community theatre. 4/5

Molly Burch - Please Be Mine: Album Review

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