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Gold Panda: Good Luck and Do Your Best – Album Review

23 May, 2016 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

gold panda good luck and do your best

“Good luck and do your best” was a farewell uttered to the Chelmsford-based producer Gold Panda by a taxi driver in Japan, as he left the car and ventured off into the city of Hiroshima.

Panda took this positive yet somewhat mumsy phrase and used it as motivation for his third album Good Luck and Do Your Best . Much like the slogan itself, the album offers positive encouragement, despite its fractured delivery, by not expecting too much from the listener. That sounds like I’m damning it with faint praise, but this is genuinely an easy listen in the very best sense of the term. It’s a pleasure to spend time with.

‘In My Car’ is a warm hug of a tune, with a heart-stopping rhythm, gentle vocal samples and those beautiful chimes that Mr Panda know how to deploy so well. ‘Pink and Green’ sounds like how the world feels and smells after a heavy rain shower on a hot day. It’s so delicate, yet utterly moving. ‘I Am Real Punk’ is a simply textured, acoustic guitar based track that builds softly and leaves you in a place of serenity.

Despite these tender moments, Gold Panda has lost none of his edge. There are some captivating dance-floor smashes in here for the most sensitive of club dwellers. “Chiba Nights’ is storming piece of minimal house, that still makes room for a sweet natured acoustic guitar. ‘Haylards’ harks back to the post-dubstep work of Mount Kimbie, but adds layers of warmth to take it somewhere else entirely. ‘Time Eater’ is the best of both worlds, part dramatic journey through an urban sprawl, part sumptuously arranged introspective reflection. It’s one of his best tunes so far.

The album ends with ‘Your Good Times Are Just Beginning’ which is all upbeat pianos, reaffirming sax and gentle breakbeats. It’s the perfect thing to be sent into the night with, both telling you that although there may be danger out there, you’ll probably be fine. And maybe wear a coat. 4/5

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Gold Panda - Good Luck and Do Your Best

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