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Best Sandwiches in London: The Cheese Truck, Maltby St Market

13 May, 2016 — by Toni Ratcliff0

I am a big fan of cheese. It’s becoming a serious addiction. Regular readers will have noticed that I frequently mention (and salivate over) cheeseburgers, I am always a sucker for Mac n Cheese, and then there’s of course just straight up cheese itself. Whichever way you cut it (fnar!) I am cheese’s number one fan.

So the other week when we decided to pop down to Maltby Street Market, while my husband took on the seemingly insurmountable task of eating a Monster Burger from African Volcano, I made a bee line for The Cheese Truck and their infamous toasted cheese sandwiches.

Maltby Street Market

The Cheese Truck have been on the London sandwich scene since 2014 and have been delighting foodies and gluttons all over the capital with their melty foodporn-esque sarnies. (Just check out their Instagram feed for the sexy stuff.) Word of their sandwiches began to spread and they hit headlines last year with Metro even sticking their neck out to claim: “This cheese truck could be the best street food truck ever…” 

I had to get me some of that action!

The Cheese Truck Instagram
Phwoar! Cop a load of the gooey cheese on that!

On this particular Sunday The Cheese Truck had four options on the menu all sounding equally delicious. I plumped for the Queso Chihuahua, Chorizo and Rocket (£6.50) as I felt the spicy chorizo calling to me through my mild hangover.

The Cheese Truck Menu

One of the very lovely guys from the team even let me choose which sandwich I wanted, and obviously I picked the biggest one. Duh? Then he plopped it onto the plancha and grilled it right there in front of me, squishing it down with a press for good measure. After a few minutes of squashing and turning my sandwich was golden brown, oozy and ready for my face.

The Cheese Truck Grilling

I was not disappointed.

The bread was crispy and golden on the outside with a good crunch on the crusts. But inside was the main event: a huge, soft river of melty cheese goo oozed and flowed and as you picked the sandwich up. They definitely do not skimp on their cheese, there seriously must have been an inch of cheese in there! THIS is was what I had wanted from the mildly disappointing burger between two cheese toasties!

The Cheese Truck Sandwich Oozy

The cheese was so comforting and moreish and the big hunks of chorizo added a spicy paprika kick, perfect Sunday afternoon brunch food. If I had to force one complaint out it would be that the whole sandwich was quite salty, but I think that’s to be expected when you put massive great lumps of mature cheese alongside cured meats. And it was nothing a glass of water or a beer couldn’t fix.

My verdict? A pretty fucking great sandwich! When you have a craving for a cheese toastie you can’t be half-arsed about it and skimp on the cheddar, if you’re gonna do it wrong, do it right! The Cheese Truck know this only too well and they have you covered. I will definitely be back to sample the rest of the menu one day. You free Sunday?

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The Cheese Truck

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