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Hackney Brewery: Okawari Kudasai – Beer Review

4 February, 2016 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

hackney brewery gojira green tea saison label

Like Gojira the king of the monsters on its label, Hackney Brewery’s Okawari Kudasai is a misunderstood, complex beast.

Rising up from the sea, smashing its way towards you with a thunderous stomp and a wild look in its eyes, threatening to do untold damage to anything that gets in its way, yet Okawari Kudsai is in fact a good-natured sweetheart of a lizard-god, approachable and warming.

Although what happens when its confronted by Mothra and Gamera, I dread to think. Just make sure you have a generous home contents insurance.

Who brewed it?

Hackney brewery, established in 2011. They may have caught your attention recently with their new Toast real ale, a beer made from stale breadcrumbs and brewed to raise money for Feedback, a charity that fights global food waste.

What kind of beer is it? 

A Saison, inspired by Japan.



What’s in it?

Sushi rice, green tea and Sorachi Ace.

What is Sorachi Ace? 

According to the Brooklyn Brewshop, it’s a type of hop originally developed in Hokkaidō, Japan for Sapporo Breweries in the late 1970s, although it wasn’t made available commercially in the west till the mid-2000s. Which would explain why you’re seeing more of it now. It has a strong lemony flavour and is perfect for IPAs, saisons and wheat beers.

What does it look like?

It pours a golden-brown straw colour.

Hackney Brewery Gojira Green Tea Saison colour

What does Hackney Brewery says it tastes like?

Bubblegum and lemongrass.

What does it actually taste like?

The intense aroma of sweet unctuous caramel hints me immediately and I’m transported to a better place. There’s a crisp acidity that cuts through the sweetness, before the luxuriant creaminess washes your palette with loveliness. You can probably thank the sushi rice for that. Afterwards you’re left with the toasted warmth of barley and a feeling like you’ve just experienced something very wonderful indeed.

That’s a badass label, who made it?

The very talented @sephryngrey whose Godzilla drawing skills should be commended.

Hackney Brewery Gojira Green Tea Saison bottle label

What does “okawari kudasai” mean?

Very fittingly, it’s how you ask for a second helping or a refill.

Score: 5/5

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Hackney Brewery's Okawari Kudasai

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