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10 unmissable films and events to check out at BFI Flare 2017

20 February, 2017 — by Zachary Kilburn0

“We’re queeeeeeeeeeer.”

BFI’s annual LGBTQI+ film festival FLARE is back and packed full of SO many good films, docs, shorts and events!!! I’ve pulled together a top 1o list of the screenings I’m most excited about, but it’s by no means exhaustive as there is SO much going on, I urge you to go if you can!!! C u there!! xoxo

BFI Flare runs from 16-26 March 2017, and you can book tickets here.

1) The Makers: Jamie Babbit

JAMIE BABBIT IN CONVERSATION OMFG All I need to say on this is “1,2,3,4 – Jamie Babbit’s the one I adore, 5,6,7,8 – don’t miss out, save the date!” (ps… if you don’t get that reference, watch or rewatch But I’m A Cheerleader!

but I'm a cheerleader

2) Signature Move

Ok so the tagline is ‘Life, love and wrestling’ and as if that’s not enough, it’s got Shabana Azmi in (who is an INCREDIBLE actress from Fire which is this AMAZING Deepa Metha film, part of a trilogy, that is just incredible and she’s amazing) as the mother struggling to connect with her daughter as she falls in love with a Mexican firebrand… I mean the whole thing just sounds AMAZING


3) The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin

Ok I’ll admit that I was late to Tales Of The City, introduced as I was a few years back by my fella, but it’s so important and the author, Armistead Maupin is such an brilliant writer and we went to see him talk and it was tooooo good and now they’ve made a documentary all about him. It’s gonna be incredible, there will likely be tears, LOADS of laughs and I’m hoping a buttload of celebrities singing his praises (at the very least Linney has to make an appearance right?)

Laura Linney, Armistead Maupin

4) Waiting for B

This documentary charts the lives of a crew of queer kids who camp out for TWO MONTHS in Sao Paulo to be at the front of the Beyonce concert that’s coming to town. The trailer is full of super cute queers being fucking amazing and hanging around with their besties waiting for the undisputed queen of everything ever (not that I’m biased) to appear. Light hearted but full of heart. What more could you ask for?

5) Out Run

Docs feature heavily at Flare but this one looks set to stand out! Following the first ever (like in the world!) LGBTQ+ political party in Manila, it looks really interesting, as well as heart warming and thought provoking. I love learning about our queer community all over the world and watching the similarities and differences unfold, and the bravery as well as heart of the people featured looks stunning. <3< 3<3

6) Trials and Liberations

As well as the docs, the festival is renowned for it’s short film programmes, and this year is no exception. This collection of shorts collects stories from around the world of trans and non-binary people and from the looks of the film list, it’s gonna be part heart-breaking and part fierce and funny as fuck. Let’s just ignore the one about the military though (cos fuck the military, trans inclusive or not).

escaping Agra short film
Escaping Agra, Dir: Pallavi Somusetty

7) Falling Free

The second collection of shorts, these are all UK based shorts and look INCREDIBLE! Silly Girl, Not The Devil and Queer Heroes look like standouts but tbh, they all look amazing.

silly girl short film
Silly Girl, Dir: Hope Dickson Leach

8) I Love You Both

This looks brilliant! Twins fall for the same boy who then falls for the both of them! Written, directed and starring real life twins, it looks like the kinda youthful, heartwarming, funny film the festival seems REALLY good at programming.

9) West North West

Imma let the programme speak for itself here: “Cultural and sexual boundaries are both confronted and shied away from in this exquisite melodrama set in present-day Japan.” I bloody LOVE an exquisite melodrama.

10) It’s Only the End Of The World

Speaking of exquisite melodramas, guess who’s back… Yay it’s Xavier Dolan! His career from I Killed My Mother to Mommy via Tom At The Farm and Heartbeats has been INCREDIBLE to watch. V. high in the melodrama stakes, his Almodovar-esque humour and cast of regular, amazing actors all combine to make his films thrilling, lovable and eminently watchable. I mean he did that Adele video too so watch him explode…

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