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29 spoiler free tips for Secret Cinema: James Bond’s Casino Royale

5 December, 2018 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

Secret Cinema returns for another four-month long immersive film event and this time they’re bringing your dad’s favourite franchise to a secret location in London, from 29th June – September 2019. 

Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s inaugural outing as James Bond, will provide the backdrop for you to spend 4 hours living the life of a sex-addicted, borderline alcoholic who says his full real name far more often than a spy really should.

secret cinema casino royale

This spoiler-free guide will offer you some practical advice to help you make the most of your time there, and will be regularly updated with new information as it arrives.

As with previous Secret Cinema events, information is thin on the ground, especially so soon after the tickets went live – for example, the ‘secret portal website’ isn’t available yet – so please note, the following tips are based on previous experience. We’ll update as soon as we know more.

1) The Event: This will be the largest indoor event Secret Cinema has ever planned, with 1500 people attending every night. This is quite the claim, especially for those of us who experienced a freaking X-Wing flying over our heads during Empire Strikes Back in 2015. How will they top that nerdtastic set-piece this time around? Maybe we’ll all get strapped to a seatless chair to have our testicles beaten by Mads Mikkelsen.

2) Dates: Casino Royale runs from 29 June to early September, but if ticket sales are brisk enough, more dates *may* be added. Update: SOLD OUT! But Secret Cinema has promised that more tickets will be released in the new year. 

3) Ticket types: Standard tickets range from £40 – £79 (not including booking fees). VIP tickets range from £125 – £175 (not including booking fees).

4) Ticket availability: As of 6th December, here’s what’s available (standard tickets only)…

  • June: Completely sold out
  • July: Completely sold out
  • August: Completely sold out
  • September: Completely sold out

Secret Cinema has promised that more tickets will be released in the new year – Book tickets here.

5) What’s in the different ticket packages? Specific ticket information related to exactly what’s included hasn’t been released yet, so we’ll update soon, but standard tickets include…

  • – Access to the online MI6 employee portal
  • – Bespoke mission briefing and alias
  • – 4+ hour immersive experience
  • – Unique cinematic screening blending theatre, special effects and film seating

6) VIP tickets will include the above, plus these extras…

  • – Premium seating
  • – Dedicated VIP team
  • – Fast track entry
  • – Two drink vouchers
  • – Food voucher
  • – VIP gift bag

7) Ages: All ticket packages are for 18+ only. Because boozin’ and probably killin’.

8) You get what you pay for: If Casino Royale is anything like their previous Blade Runner event, the cheapest ticket package means slightly worse seating and less immersive action during the screening of the film itself. Personally if I had known about this prior to attending, I probably would have stumped up the extra cash to get more of an experience.

9) Stick together: Normally with Secret Cinema the different ticket types have different travel paths that do not always cross. If you travel in company, book the same ticket type to make the journey together.

10) Tickets for sold out day: If the day you want is sold-out, just look on the Facebook page during the week before you want to go. There are plenty of people selling spares for face value.

11) What you’ll find out first: After you’ve bought your ticket, you’ll receive a link from Secret Cinema to the a secret website (which isn’t live yet) a few weeks before your arrival. You’ll also receive a password. This is where you’ll find out the location of the event (including the postcode, nearest tube and map), your identity, your costume, your props, as well as who you need to report to.

12) Who do you report to? Apparently you will either be recruited for Operation Wild Card by either Q Branch or M Branch. You’ll receive an alias, dress code and training suggestions to prepare for a night of “high stakes, sophistication and deception.”

13) Share the link: If you’re the ticket-buyer for a group, when you’re sent the registration link and password do remember to forward it to the rest of your group. All attendees must register in the digital portal in order to retrieve their character details.

14) Haven’t received an email yet? If you haven’t had your email, rest assured Secret Cinema will eventually get around to it. They can be pretty slow.

15) If you really haven’t had the registration email: Don’t panic if you can’t find the registration email. It may have dropped into your junk/promotions folder so have a check in there first. If you really can’t find the email then contact who will be able to advise.

16) Location: You will be able to make your way to and from the location via public transport, which is normally in Zone 2 on the tube map – but that’s to be confirmed.

17) Start and finish times: These vary by day…

  • – Wednesday – Thursday: 18:00 – 23:00
  • – Friday – Saturday: 18:00 – 0:00
  • – Sunday: 16:00 – 21:00

18) Don’t be late: As ever, don’t be late. Latecomers will not be admitted. But don’t panic if you have an appointment time different from your friends. You’ll still be let in with them.

19) Accessibility: If you have specific access requirements email to let them know ahead of attendance. They can accommodate pregnant and lesser abled guests including wheelchair users. Also note that Blue Badge holders, Freedom Pass holders, and PIP/DLA recipients are entitled to a free carer ticket which can only be booked directly via email. Please note that complimentary carer tickets may not be available for the VIP package.

20) What not to bring: Do not bring any large valuables, laptops or jewellery.

21) Ticket print-outs: If you haven’t printed off your ticket, they’ll still let you in with your pdf ticket on your phone.

22) Mobile phones: You will have to place you mobile phone in a little zip-lock bag provided on entry. This is often the nicest thing about Secret Cinema: nobody Instagramming in the way of the action.

23) Costume: It is advised that you follow the dress codeYou will be randomly assigned a character type and this will determine what you wear. You won’t be disallowed entry for wearing non-costume, but I will buy you a Martini if you turn up in Roger Moore’s clown costume from Octopussy.

24) Official costume store: All outfits can be bought from the official Secret Cinema online store (which hasn’t gone live yet).

25) Official costume isn’t compulsory: you don’t have to purchase something from the official store, if you have something similar at home then feel free to wear that instead. Perhaps something powder blue and made of terry-cloth,

26) Props: You are also required to bring props. These are handy if you want access to cool stuff during the event. These will be revealed when the portal website goes live. I imagine you’ll be strongly encouraged not to bring a handgun.

27) Food and drink: will be served from a variety of vendors between 6pm – 10pm Wednesday to Saturday, and 4pm – 8pm on Sunday. Vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options will be provided.

28) Paying for food and drink: It’s card payments only throughout the event space. Contactless and chip & pin is available.

29) Need to sell your ticket? Tickets are in the buyer’s name but you will be able to transfer your ticket(s) to another person up to 1 week before your attendance. You will be able to retrieve PDF copies from after you buy them.

We will update this article with new information, advice and links as soon as they become available.

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